SCREWED: A no-budget web series (2011)

Writer/Director/Producer/Star: Stefanie Sparks

Synopsis: A struggling dancer, Lydia Lawrence (Stefanie Sparks) from Nebraska makes her way to NYC in search of fame in the illustrious and completely fictional world of the Bushwick Ballet.


Screwed - Season One

Omaha transplant Lydia Lawrence attempts to force her way into the New York City dance world by taking on the Black Swan. If only she wasn't so hungover.

When Damien's "scene partner" shows up in "their bathroom" unexpectedly, Lydia relies on Jesus and dance to get her through yet another cold New York City night.

Lydia Lawrence, along with her kitten, Genius, attempts to survive yet another cruel New York City night.

Finally accepting her rejection from the Bushwick Ballet (along with harassment charges), Omaha native Lydia Lawrence takes to the streets of NYC in search of a new platform to showcase her dance genius.

Having decided to settle for whatever she could get, Lydia adjusts to domestic life with Damien and his mother.

Lydia gets punched in the face by reality when Maribel shows up at her apartment.

Lydia's leaving New York City and she's going out with a bang, literally.